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International Safety Bureau ISB offers a high quality, affordable Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) consultancy service.
We work closely with our clients to create a solution tailored entirely to manage their specific workplace risks, by offering a wide range of QHSE services and different options for working together.
We welcome opportunities to partner with clients on an ongoing basis via our retained ‘QHSE Assurance’ packages. We also appreciate some businesses may just require a boost on an ad-hoc basis, perhaps to complete a project, implement a new initiative or administer a change to their existing QHSE management systems.
Our aim is to provide clients with the appropriate level of input for their business. We recognize that QHSE may not always be your primary objective. So, at International Safety Bureau we propose ways of working together that identifies and fills any gaps, while providing quality input to ensure your business is operating within the QHSE requirements of Legal, Statutory and Regulatory requirement, International Standards, Codes and Practices, Client’s requirement.
In whichever way clients decide to partner with International Safety Bureau, they are always assured of a wealth of experience that will complement their existing in-house QHSE knowledge and expertise.

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